Departure from Lovran at 09:00 towards the old town of Brseč. At 10:00 the boat arrives underneath the town, on its main beach. This beach was chosen by CNN in 2018. as the second most beautiful pebble beach in Croatia. After the one-hour swimming break under Brseč, the journey continues towards the island of Cres. After arriving to bay Smrdeća the guests have another one-hour break to enjoy the crystal-clear sea there. Then the boat takes off to the village Porozina, where the guests can sit down for coffee pizza or ice-cream. After the coffee break the boat continues the trip to bay Banja, where another one-hour swimming break is held. The expected return to Opatija is around 5pm.

Price: 51,00€ per person

The price includes:
breakfast on board (2 types of canapes)
seasonal fruit in the afternoon
drinks while on the boat (sparkling water, still water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, apple juice and
orange juice)
transport, boat, skipper, passenger insurance while driving

Robinson fish picnic

The boat departs from Lovran at 09:00 in the direction of island Cres. After the one-and-a-half-hour ride the boat arrives at the bay Smrdeća, where the first break takes place. During this two hour break the captain makes grilled lunch for the guests. Lunch options are fish, meat or vegetarian. After the guests have eaten, the boat continues to village Porozina, where the guests have an hour to sit down for some coffee or ice-cream. The next stop is back on the mainland – under the old town Brseč, which lies on 157 meters high cliffs. The guests can swim underneath the cliffs and visit a small 3 meters long blue cave. After the last break, which lasts one hour, it’s time to return to Opatija. During the ride back the boat passes towns Mošćenička Draga, Medveja, Lovran, Ika, Ičići and finally arrives at Opatija around 17:00.

IMPORTANT: Please order fish, meat or vegetarian menu for lunch in advance!

Little mermaid adventure tour

Departure at Lovran at 09:00 in the direction of island Cres. After a two-hour boat ride the boat arrives at the most beautiful bay on the north side of island Cres, where there’s a two-hour break. During the drive to the first beach the guests enjoy the flavours of the Adriatic Sea and Istrian pastures: homemade salted sardines, homemade cow’s cheese and olives.

While on the first beach, the female part of the group can borrow the mermaid tail from the boat crew, while the male part of the group can borrow the trident of the sea gods Poseidon and Triton. The guests are then equipped with an underwater camera, so they can have a photo session under the sea. Those who are not comfortable taking photos underwater can take photos on the nearby rock or on the beach, in front of the entrance of a small cave. All the photos are forwarded to guests a day or two after the trip via WhatsApp or e-mail.

After the two-hour break, the boat sails to village Porozina. There the guests can sit down for a coffee or eat something like ice-cream, a hot sandwich or a pizza cut. This break lasts one hour, then the boat goes to another secret bay. At that bay, at the depth of 5 meters, there can be found remains of a boat that was destroyed in a storm. The guests swim in the secret bay for one hour with an underwater photo session. At 15:00 the boat sets off from the island Cres back in the direction of Lovran and along the way seasonal fruit is served. The boat arrives at Lovran around 5:00, or at 5:30 to Opatija.


The hidden paths of the island Cres

Departure from Lovran at 09:00 in the direction of Cres. The guests are welcomed with a drink and a brief description of the excursion. The planned arrival in bay Banja on island Cres is around 10:30. The hike starts at 10:45 from bay Banja to Ivanje. The duration of this hike is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The hiking trail leads through an oak forest. There is a stop at the highest point of the hike in Ivanje to take photos and enjoy the view which extends to towns Rijeka and Opatija. The hike then continues towards Porozina, via the old road that was built at the time of the Roman Empire to connect the places Beli and Porozina. Scheduled arrival time in Porozina is around 2:00p.m. where the guests have a half-hour swimming break on the beautiful beach “Veli pesak.” Departure from Porozina is around 2:30 p.m. and the arrival in the port of Lovran is planned to be at 5:00 p.m.

Little blue cave

Departure from Opatija at 09:30 or 14:00 towards the town of Brseč. The ride to the destination, which is a 60-meter-high cliff named “Šip” lasts an hour and a half. On the ride there the boat passes next to the coastal towns: Ičići, Ika, Lovran, Medveja and Mošćenička Draga. Underneath the cliff there is a small blue cave, that is only 3 meters deep. The cave can only be accessed by swimming and the guests have a one-hour break to explore it. After swimming the boat returns to Opatija.

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